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The Man of The Monkey 

Intrigued by the tale of a strange man living in isolation with a chimpanzee, filmmaker David Romberg travels to his childhood home in Ilha Grande, Brazil to find him, only to discover that the tale pales in comparison to what he uncovers.


A strange journey into the uncanny world of those living in isolation in the Brazilian jungle, where a story of displacement, trans-generational trauma and the search for home unwinds.

Written and directed by David Romberg 

Production - Robert Girvin 

Cinematography- Gaston Girod

Editing - Carlos Cambariere


The last prisoner

"The Last Prisoner" is an intimate portrait of Sir Julio who was incarcerated for over 5 decades in the Devil's Cauldron, a secret island prison and one of Brazil's most violent penitentiaries. When the prison was finally closed in 1994 due to human rights violations, Sir Julio who carried a 300 year sentence, received a conditional pardon due to his old age. But upon release, instead of leaving the island, he decided to spend his remaining years living in the abandoned prison. Selected excerpt below.

Written and directed by David Romberg 

Production - David Romberg

Cinematography- Bento Marzo

Editing - David Romberg


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